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A Stepping Stone for Your Business!

RAJAS Group has played such a focal role as stepping stone for numerous prestigious businesses. RAJAS Group has proved to be pioneer in many sectors such as in Industrial Chemical Trading, Lab Testing as well as Consulting. RAJAS Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipments to meet the current food safety requirement. Our lab is accredited with AGMARK, NABL certified by ISO and gazetted by MoEF & CC Government of India. We hold the top most position in Maharashtra as Project Finance & Govt. Subsidy consulting firm. Completing 25 years RAJAS Group has evolved in many sectors.


Trust & Confidence to Calibrate Quality!

Trust & Confidence lies beneath every activity of ours. Be it business, service, infrastructure even eating or any activity in the world we perform, it is driven by confidence. But where does this confidence come from ? It is the insurance that the products & infrastructure we use confirm to global standards and quality which tested by laboratories equipped with world class Confirmative Assessment Infrastructure. Founded in 2004, Rajas Laboratories provides world class analytical testing of Food Products, Water, Environment and Agricultural products such as spices, pulses, grains, vegetable oil etc.
Equipped with perfect quality infrastructure, Rajas Laboratories has achieved Badge of Honor in Laboratories world that is NABL Accreditation. This will provide global recognition to testing performed at Rajas Laboratories. Rajas Laboratories is one of the finest laboratories in India accredited by NABL, AGMARK, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015.
Testing is the backbone of official control. Reliable and impartial tests which gives you reliable results to take great business decisions. To achieve this Rajas Laboratorieshas competency of testing and calibration infrastructure driven by excellent and expert staff. Due to hard work of competent and dedicated subject matter experts, we have chartered an impressive growth achieving the equivalence with global laboratories. We also provide licensing facilities to achieve NABL, AGMARK, ISO certifications.

Our Services

We do Testing & Certification under Chemical - Biological Analysis for Food & Water, Environmental and Agricultural products.

Addition to this we also provide Licensing Facilitation for : NABL, AGMARK, ISO certifications.

Food & Water
  • All kinds of Food, Food Products & Beverages, Eatables
  • Drinking Water
  • De-Mineralized Water
  • RO Water
  • Food Raw Materials
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Air Quality
  • Waste Water
  • Effluent
  • Relevant Environmental tests
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Soil
  • Ground Water
  • Fertilizers
  • Surface Chemicals
  • Agricultural Produce


Strenthening Wings To Fly High!

Every great idea of business needs to be brought up by meticulous feeding of project finance and advisory to make it big. Turning a dream idea into real business is one of the greatest challenges in corporate ecosystem. Rajas Consultancy tackles these challenges by approaching project finance, advisory & govt clearances systematically. Dedicated team of experienced finance professionals with in depth knowledge at the expense makes Rajas Consultancy invaluable for the clients interested in starting or expanding their businesses. Another proud of our group is that we have facilitated tons of clients to be eligible for Central and State Govt Subsidies and Schemes by leveraging team's deep knowledge about Govt Policies, Schemes, Legalities at operational level. We also work for clients to get Govt and Regulatory Clearances by following relevant statutory guidelines. We have played a key role for clients to get State and Central Govt. Subsidies & Assistance from Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Directorate of Industries, NABARD, Textile Ministry, Agriculture Ministry for Department of of Agriculture Co-Operation - Farmers Welfare along wth Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying. Catering the financial needs of client to grow and diversify, Rajas Consultancy is known as Stepping Stone in the corporate world.


Why Work with Us ?


Starting from promoter of the Rajas Group, our team has rich experience in the arena ranging from 15 - 20 years making it USP of consultancy.

Facility Agent

We work as a facility agent for project finance, advisory & govt incentives along with regulatory clearances.


We complete Project Reports, Legal Documentation for the project by adhering to existing statutory guidelines.

Single Point of Contact

Clients co-ordinate with our team only till they are completely facilitated & satisfied as per the requirement. Single window solutions to clients for wide range of financial services is our speciality.

Spectrum of Services

Broad spectrum of services to clients staring from Govt subsidies, incentives, Environmental clearance are being served under single roof and what not.



Liquidity & Fluidity To Spread The Quality!

Rajas Industries is a renowned name for synthesizing and providing high quality Industrial Fluids and Chemicals. It has made its mark in the market by consistently delivering high performance lubricants, chemicals and fluids to the client organizations. Sysnthesis & Quality Assurance departments spearheaded by the team of SMEs with enriched experience over the years is key contributor to Rajas Industry's success. Consistency & Continuous improvement in supplying quality products-services has chalked down enormous growth of this business segment for Rajas Group. Below are the chemicals and fluids we supply :

De-Mineralized Water

Ultra Pure DM Water

Distilled Water

Battery Acid

Laboratory Chemicals

Sulphuric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid

Nitric Acid

Phosphorus Acid

Hydrogen Peroxide

Copper Sulphate

Caustic Soda

Dairy Chemicals


Cotton Waste

Duster Cloth

Poultry Chemicals

Plating Chemicals

Office Chairs

All Other Chemicals

Our Clients

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